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Brief hiatus.

So, I'm graduating library science school next week! GO ME. Unfortunately, I won't be graduating if I don't, say, get all my finals projects done and handle all the administrivia I need to. ...Plus the little detail of, you know, moving back home from NYC. I shall, however, return soon!


Everyone was asking for clarification on the Secret/Super identity posts, so I updated the rules. #10 now informs you on the subject! Basically, just put [[posted as NAME]] in the subject when posting either A) as your super in your character journal, or B) as your secret in the community. I also mentioned ANONYMOUS posts for the community, just in case your character likes to do that. Please make sure to read The Rules post and feel free to ask questions! Oh, also, I'm officially making super_gov the "mod" journal for the communities. IC'ly, this journal will be the government of whatever nation they say they're from. When we get more players, the government(s) will start trying to recruit superheroes to be in the "superhero police" squad of their respective countries. Sound good?

Rules & Guidelines Post


10) To clarify posting as Super/Secret... When posting in your journal, it's assumed that you're using your secret identity. If you want to post in your journal as your super identity, simply put [[Posted as Whoever]] in your subject line. People should then assume that that is the super's journal. When posting in the community, it's assumed that you're using your super identity. If you want to post in the comm as your secret identity, simply put [[Posted as Whoever]] in the subject line. (Also, if you want to post in the community "anonymously," just put a note somewhere in the subject or entry in OOC tags (either double parenthesis or double brackets).