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Rules & Guidelines Post

Here are all of the rules. Being as that MoA is a new RP, these rules are subject to change and be expanded upon - I'll make sure to notify everyone of changes.

If you have any suggestions for rules, please feel free to leave them here!

1)</b> Treat your fellow players with respect. This means that you should be calm, polite, and most of all nice to other players.

2) Keep OOC and IC separate. OOC posts go in the OOC community or clearly labeled OOC posts in your character’s journal, IC posts go in your journals or IC community, and OOC drama stays off the IC community.
-If you cannot reconcile differences between yourselves privately, feel free to contact one of the mods (at this time, devilishkurumi). We will help figure out what's going on and help mediate.

3) Follow the applications as best you can. Please do not just join the community; we have an open application post and are always accepting applications.

4) Played By's, or the person/object you use as your character's "face", can only be real people. This means that you cannot use an anime or game character to act as your character's "face." One good place to find PBs is hollow_art. YES, you can use celebrities, but please consider your character in relation to the celebrity - don't use Johnny Depp just because he's cute. Please try not to use the same PB as another character.

5) Regarding character journals - there is only one journal for a character that (generally) has two personas. Please use at least two different icons - one for your character's masked identity, and one for your character's secret identity. Pretend that, when someone posts with the super identity, it is a different LJ from the secret identity.
-If someone is discussing in the community as a mask and, for whatever reason, uses a non-mask icon, assume that the PB or whatever is masked, or otherwise not recognizable (unless otherwise noted).
-Characters should (unless otherwise noted) assume that Clark Kent and Superman are two different people.

6) The first post in your character journal should be an OOC post with your application behind an LJ-cut. This post will serve as an OOC contact spot - people can talk OOC'ly about characters and share comments and critiques. (Keep in mind rule #1 when critiquing another player.)

7) This is community related - use tags. Tag entries with the name of the character (their secret or super identity, depending on which they're posting as), and any misc. tags that might fit (like "costumes," "masks," "rivals," or any zany things that your characters might use).

8) The difference between posting in the comm and posting in the character journal is basically asking yourself "would I post this in a comm, or in my journal?"

9) Do roleplay logs in your character journal, not in the community. The community should be treated like a real LJ community, instead of a place for action posts.

10) To clarify posting as Super/Secret... When posting in your journal, it's assumed that you're using your secret identity. If you want to post in your journal as your super identity, simply put [[Posted as Whoever]] in your subject line. People should then assume that that is the super's journal. When posting in the community, it's assumed that you're using your super identity. If you want to post in the comm as your secret identity, simply put [[Posted as Whoever]] in the subject line. (Also, if you want to post in the community "anonymously," just put a note somewhere in the subject or entry in OOC tags (either double parenthesis or double brackets).
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