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Masks of Awesome - OOC Community
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Have you ever wanted to play a masked avenger, but never felt comfortable with a fandom enough to play one? Well, here's your chance to create a character to play! Hackers, elite marshall artists, robocops, exoskeletons, superspeed, telekinesis - if your character is super, your character is welcome at Masks of Awesome!


Today’s world is a crazy place. Life is hectic, the American economy is suffering, and who knows what’s going on in Europe? Yep, it’s all sorts of bizarre nowadays. As a matter of fact, the only thing standing between Earth and total destruction (aside from governments, taxes, and attempts to end global poverty) are the people in the world who are fondly referred to as Masks.

These Masks, also known as superheroes, are licensed individuals with superpowers, whether they be high-tech gadgets, supernatural powers, or amazing athletic abilities. Every superhero looking to make it in the world goes to the DSH – A.K.A. the Department of Super Heroes – to get a license to practice heroism. After passing a written exam and a physical test that demonstrates at least a basic ability to control their powers, superheroes get licensed and are then set loose in the world.

Well, almost loose. You see, governments around the world have installed elite superhero forces to act as (glorified) police officers to monitor superheroes. The American government is actively recruiting heroes from anywhere and everywhere – including the internet.

This is where masksofawesome comes in. The community is, at its base, a public community for Masks of all associations – heroes, villains, and those in the middle – to talk with one another. They discuss superheroing (or villaining), costume design, masks, and anything else that they might want to discuss with their fellow masks. The government may or may not be behind the community, and they may or may not be watching out for potential recruits.

But who cares about that when you can hook up with other superheroes for patrols (or ice cream), meet villains who need a rival, and make fun of crooks that you’ve put away recently?

Welcome to Masks of Awesome, a roleplay for masked heroes, villains, and those of questionable morals to talk, laugh, and most of all, interact!


Here are the three most important rules of MoA.

1) Treat your fellow players with respect. This means that you should be calm, polite, and most of all nice to other players.

2) Keep OOC and IC separate. OOC posts go in the OOC community or clearly labeled OOC posts in your character’s journal, IC posts go in your journals or IC community, and OOC drama stays off the IC community.

3) Follow the applications as best you can. Please do not just join the community; we have an open application post and are always accepting applications.

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