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More Information

Copy/paste the following codes into the Admin Console when logged into your character journal to friend/defriend people. If your name does not appear on this list after a week of your acceptance, leave a comment and I'll make sure to add you.

PS - remember to JOIN the communities, as well as adding them to your friends list. Otherwise, you cannot post to them!


Here is the application, laid out in (hopefully) understandable terms.

Player Livejournal: OOC LJ (IE devilishkurumi)
E-mail: Any e-mail that can be used to contact you
AIM: Any AIM name used often enough for contact
Other Contacts: Anything else - MSN, YIM, Skype, whatever

Character Livejournal: IC LJ

Super Stats
Super Name: Your superhero/villian's name, IE "Electric Boogaloo" or "The Nasty Navigator" or whatever. This can be as serious or as hilarious as you want it to be!
Hero/Villian: Is your character a hero or a villian?
Powers/Talents: What powers or talents does your character have? These can either be superpowers (like Superman) or just awesome gadgets (like Gizmo or Batman). They can be man-made, supernatural, extraterestrial, or whatevever - just as long as you can explain it!
Strengths/Weaknesses: What are some of your characters major strengths and weaknesses as a super? Every superhero and villian has a weakness - what is it?
Super Biography: This can be as short as you want, so long as it tells us a few things about your character's super life. Why is your character a hero/villian? How did your character get/develop their superpowers/talents? How... well, good are they at being a hero/villian? You can make them as inept or as adept as you want them, so long as they pass the litmus test, and it can be as hilarious or as serious as you want.

Secret Stats
Real Name: Your super's real name, IE "Karen Hart" or whatever.
Age: How old your character is. Pretty straightforward. If they're "ageless," you can mention how long they've been on Earth.
Secret Biography: This is a short biography on what your character's secret identity is like. Are they similar to their Super's personality, or different? (For example, Bruce Wayne/Batman vs. the Joker.) What's their day job? Give us a real character to go along with the superhero identity. This includes a physical description as well as a personality description. If they don't have a secret identity, then just do a physical description.
Litmus Test Score: This is easy. Go to the Mary Sue Litmus Test and take it, considering your character's SECRET identity (and the DISCLAIMERS). Your score will NOT affect our decision to accept/reject your application; it's only there to show us that you've considered your character in relation to the test. Keep in mind that BONO from U2 got a 70, as did Morpheus from The Sandman. Both myself and xxaxellexx (the unofficial-for-now Co-Mod) gave truthful answers, and we hope you will too.

Sample Post
This can be from 100-250 words long, and can be used as your introduction post in the community. You can type however your character will type (bad spelling, bad grammar, l33t, whatever), so long as it's in your character's style. It can be in secret or super identity, though keep in mind that most of the community posts will be from the superheroes/villians.

Sample Story
This can be from 100 words long to roughly a page long. This is an optional post - you don't need to include a sample story if you don't want to. This is mostly just so we can get a feel for your character and how you plan on playing them. It can be a story from whatever you want, whenever you want, etcetera. Some ideas would be a typical patrol night, a typical day in their life, a scene set at a crime, or anything else.


Comment on this entry and ask questions, and we can fill out the FAQ section! WOO FUN!
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